Why B2B Buyers are switching to Global B2B Marketplace

The B2B landscape is rapidly changing and it’s largely driven by a change in B2B buyers themselves, their expectations, and the implications and constraints of a worldwide pandemic.

Around 80% of frequent buyers report that they have switched suppliers at least once in the last 24 months. Some factors that contribute to this are:

  • A Failure to Meet Buyers' Needs: It is no surprise that some B2B sellers have focused on digital upgrades to survive in the digital ecosystem, only to discover that they have no meaningful dialogue with long-time customers. Conversely, other sellers remained devoted to traditional sales cycles without investing in digital tools essential to modern commerce.
  • Cutting Human Interaction: In the B2B space, it appears that the high-touch, relationship-driven side of the business has taken a backseat to scale digital platforms. As a matter of fact, laggard sellers were more likely to invest in sales plays without salesperson support. A huge mistake.

On the other side, B2B buyers have a wide range of product and service alternatives. There are a few things that customers really want from B2B sellers:

  • Brand story and experience to differentiate
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Pricing relevant to market demand
  • Flexible, high-quality services and products
  • Effortless resolution of problems
  • A better return on investment
  • Prompt and efficient service
  • Choosing how to contact the seller
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Product and service recommendations
  • A variety of options for researching or purchasing
  • A seamless experience across all channels

If you are out of sync with your buyer, it will hamper their success, ultimately causing a fracture in the relationship.

Move To B2B Marketplace: An Opportunity To Thrive

The B2B marketplace in Australia can help businesses succeed by solving the challenges above. By investing in intelligent, personalised interactions and placing a strong focus on shared success, B2B companies can transform their businesses and buyers' experiences.

Suppliers are offered a number of benefits by using B2B marketplaces, including the opportunity to grow their market and increase revenue. B2B marketplaces also benefit buyers in a variety of ways.

The following are the three biggest benefits of B2B Online marketplaces:

  • First of all, it can standardise the way products are brought to market. Since your website infrastructure is solid, you can easily replicate your processes to streamline introducing new products.
  • Second, it simplifies the management of digital catalogues. This is because you can easily add and remove products from your digital storefront instead of having to manually create every product page on your site.
  • Third, it streamlines the purchasing process and makes it easy for customers to navigate your storefront. The harder it is for a user to make a purchase on your website, the greater the likelihood that they will abandon it. Top online marketplaces like TGC minimize this risk. TGC is designed to focus on eCommerce SEO, global market conditions, and majorly, attracting more customers while providing the best user experience.

Best B2B Marketplace

Based on an industry's needs and a business's preferences, the best online marketplace can differ. It's important to find a site that offers the tools you need to make informed decisions. Additionally, you want to ensure the user base is large enough to connect you with the right buyers and sellers.

Food and beverage wholesalers, hotel and restaurant owners should utilise TGC as their preferred Global B2B marketplace. An all-in-one solution that gives sellers complete control over their sales activities. It lets you sell B2B as well as direct to consumers through our consumer website.

Using an integrated messaging platform, you can monitor product catalogues, manage and fulfil orders, answer customer questions, and much more. Even B2B payments come with a range of options that let you build relationships and be more flexible.

Additionally, a B2B marketplace in Australia like TGC can connect business owners with clients worldwide. This approach allows you to grow your business quickly and effectively without investing all of your resources into an eCommerce website. Therefore, if you own a business that wants to grow, register your brand with TGC today. Our experts simplify every step.