Limited Edition Dogal Lunar New Year Gift Box

Best wishes and prosperity for the New Year of the Rabbit, with a specially designed box, 2 European crystal PLUMM Champagne glasses and, of course, Dogal hand-crafted Red Lux.

Time to raise our glasses to celebrate Lunar New Year. This limited edition Dogal Lunar New Year gift box is available with Red and Gold premium bottles, handcrafted in the heart of Venice.

Get the celebration party started with popping of cork, bubbles fizzing to the top of the glass, add a bottle of luxurious sparkling wine to the feast – from appetizers to seafood, from fortune cookies to formal dishes.

Dogal兔年新春限量礼盒,红彤彤金灿灿,吉祥如意迎新春。礼盒表面印有精心设计的金兔窗花图案,祝您前“兔”似锦。内含一瓶手工打造的红色Dogal Grande Cuvée,和两枚用金色绸袋包裹的来自欧洲的Plumm水晶杯

Dogal Year of the Rabbit New Year limited edition gift box, bright red and golden, auspicious to welcome the new year. The surface of the gift box is printed with a special-designed pattern of golden rabbit window grilles, wishing you a speedy and bright future as a “rabbit”. Contains a bottle of red Dogal Grande Cuvée, and two Plumm crystal glasses from Europe, all wrapped in golden silk bags.

Chinese Bags: Not Included in Boxes

中餐可以配香槟或起泡酒吗?Why not?让开瓶时那“嘭”的一声带来庆祝的仪式感,看着杯中旋转上升的金黄气泡带来新年祝福。在5度到8度之间,泡泡在舌尖拥吻着味蕾,甘甜的花果香从鼻尖到喉咙润泽着新春的喜悦。能搭配前菜或是海鲜,以及中式小点心。


Don’t miss out as we have only limited quantities available!

This skilful combination of four classic varietals produces a rare equilibrium of flavour and effervescence.

Refined and persistent, straw-coloured with green streaks, the Dogal Lux Grand Cuvée Millesimato 2019 announces a prolonged pleasure of perfume and taste.

Dogal Grande Cuvée rewards you with a vast and rich olfactory experience, characterized by the perfume of medlar, nutmeg, golden apple, banana, papaya, yellow melon and white flowers and a hint of flint all fused in an elegant creaminess.

Dogal Grande Cuvée is suited perfectly with an aperitif, but it is a beautiful companion for all occasions, from appetizers to raw seafood, from light bites to more formal fare.

Temperature of service: 5-8 °C

Alcohol: 11.5%

 Bottle: 750 ml

The Lux Collection will bring you the same incredible Dogal Sparkling Wine in different beautiful colours to suit your taste and occasions.

*Please note next day delivery is for Sydney metro orders only*

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