Dogal – Rare Grande Cuvèe Millesimato Lux – Tiffany


This skilful combination of four classic varietals produces a rare equilibrium of flavour and effervescence.

Refined and persistent, straw-coloured with green streaks, the Dogal – Rare Grande Cuvèe Millesimato Lux – Tiffany 2019 announces a prolonged pleasure of perfume and taste.

Rewarding you with a vast and rich olfactory experience, characterized by the perfume of medlar, nutmeg, golden apple, banana, papaya, yellow melon and white flowers and a hint of flint all fused in an elegant creaminess.

Dogal Grande Cuvée is suited perfectly with an aperitif, but it is a beautiful companion for all occasions, from appetizers to raw seafood, from light bites to more formal fare.

Temperature of service: 5-8 °C

Alcohol: 11.5%

Bottle: 750 ml

The Lux Collection will bring you the same incredible Dogal Sparkling Wine in different beautiful colours to suit your taste and occasions.

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