Created with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes cultivated
in Trentino vineyards suited to the varieties in a geographically limited area that gives rise to Trento DOC wines.
Loose river-glacial soil is caused by the decomposition of poorly- formed, sandy, porphyritic rocks.

Wine Characteristics: A fresh pink colour in the glass, with aromas of small red fruits and hints of spice.
The terroir characteristics and the skilful blending of different prized vintages create perfect harmony between the freshness of Chardonnay and the complex fruitiness of Pinot noir to give this Vintage Rosé unusual qualities of strong structure, drinkability and silky elegance, in suitable for the most diverse dishes.

On the palate, the balanced freshness of Chardonnay blends with the complex fruitiness of Pinot Noir to give this sparkling wine its qualities of drinkability and silky elegance. The skilful blending of different prized Reserve vintages creates perfect harmony between the complexity and acidity typical of Trento DOC.

Temperature of service: 8°C

Alcohol gradation: 12.5 % Vol

Bottle: 750 ml

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