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The ANTI Styling portfolio is tightly curated and uncomplicated. We’ve designed a range of products to care for and achieve any hairstyle. We are here to address every hair condition from prep, style to maintenance, to give you the tools you need to be confident and nothing you don’t. We want your style to be ANTI ordinary and to ask you ‘What are you ANTI?’.

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Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin was born of a passion for gin, and a passion for the place where we live and play – we wanted to create a gin that embodies the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, playful and fiercely independent.

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Coffee Streams of Australia

We're proud to be partnering with a homegrown coffee brand. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

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Our vision is to bring together nature and luxury in a line of Australia-born hair colour, haircare and styling products that are safe, effective and beautiful to use.

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Mad Foods

Super Excited! About our Newest Partner to Onboard TGC. For more information on the product, contact Sandy at

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