About TGC

The Global Collective is about championing your brand and connecting you globally. We collaborate with private, public, and social service organisations to help them accomplish the changes that matter most. Our digital marketplace connects companies and digital professionals - it's a simple, open platform that connects buyers and sellers of digital products.

TGC as an online brand exporting distributor, continuously designs technology solutions to ensure unlimited scale. In fact, The Global Collective is your only platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organisations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale. Our customer success teams have years of market experience, making them the best qualified team in the world to help our customers navigate the marketplace.

To possibly maximise your return on investment, the TGC group as part of brand export marketplace, Australia provides a digital business platform to helps you strategize, plan, market, connect and expand. You also get to collaborate with buyers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, freight forwarders, and logistics firms with our expertise. We will handle the full export process for you, or we may only take care of parts of it, whatever you choose.

Our Vision

To grow the value of premium brands exporting marketplace, Australia, in which companies that have pioneered their sectors are enabled to compete and lead in an increasingly digital world, rather than being monopolised by digital giants.

Our Mission

To digitally transform the way premium brands connect and supporting our customers in utilising the platform potential to spark new market development by concentrating transformation efforts on the new retail model.

Partnerships are key

Our platform for brand export distributor, Australia has the best partners across the globe. Specialist in their service and product offering. Covering every aspect of the export chain to guarantee a seamless export process. We platform their brand for superior performance in the new retail model and work together across the world to make a significant difference.